Writing For Online Content? 8 Tips to Stand Out From the Crowd

Writing For Online Content? 8 Tips to Stand Out From the Crowd –

Every writer fantasises of precisely channelling their emotions, writing down their thoughts, and sharing their knowledge with the world.

And even you want to do so.

But, every move you take might seem to have a sceptical feeling attached to it. Right?

Well, it is common for anyone who is just starting in this profession.

Yes, if you’re new to writing online content, it might be scary. And it can also be intimidating to present your content in front of the entire world.

But, let me say, most people do not even think about it. So kudos to you for taking the first step in this journey.

Writing online content requires various technical abilities, but you must also master few soft/non-technical skills.

Today I will be sharing few points that can easily make you stand out among all.

8 tips on writing for online content

1. Address every individual clearly.

One of the main aspects of your content is to address each individual clearly. It leads to zero confusion among your readers.


Address yourself as “I“, your reader as “You,” and any third party by their name, website or company name, etc.

The goal is to make your content cristal clear for your readers.

In this way, readers can easily understand what you have written, resulting in a higher degree of interaction ( engagement ).

2. Create enough Headings and Subheadings( H1 tag, H2 tag)

Headings and Subheadings break the monotonous string of words.

Our brain automatically rejects the idea to read more, if it sees a continuous stream of words without any divisions between them.

In such a situation, your reader may find it difficult to continue reading your content and is likely to abandon it immediately.

Therefore, Headings and Subheadings can be your hard-work plus content savers if used in a perfect generous amount.

3. Bullet Points

bullet point- writing for online content

With decreasing attention span among readers, it will be harder to keep them engaged and actively involved with your content.

Therefore, Bullet point is another tactic for you to retain the visitors.

Advantages of Bullet Points:

  • Reduces your work to compose a heavy meaningful sentence for every point.
  • Allows you to quickly generate a gist about a topic rather than writing a whole paragraph.
  • It makes it easier for your reader to locate the hidden element in your text.

As a result, they actively follows you and returns to get additional value each time.

4. Use Small Paragraphs

Big paragraphs are out of fashion from content writing. These are mostly preferred for academic writing and related areas to get more points from teachers.

Educators are bound to read academic writing, whereas strangers are not.

And this is what sets apart online content writing from academic writing. Strangers will read out your content only if it is behaviour friendly.

Yes, behaviour friendly.

Every individual has a different behavioural pattern. Some people are highly attentive, while others lose interest quickly.

And to make your content up to date for different types of people can be exhaustively challenging.

To prevent this issue, create small paragraphs, which will be pleasant for all the viewers and result in more active engagements.

5. Avoid Clumsiness

As mentioned earlier, the attention span of every individual is deteriorating day by day. And platforms like TikTok, YouTube shorts, Instagram Reels are here to fuel up the process.

As a result, another aspect to consider to keep the user’s interest is to avoid clumsiness.

Two ways to avoid clumsiness

  • Font size

Over the time, comfort has become an unwritten rule in all fields.

Fonts less than 16px can stress readers eyes.

Therefore to provide comfortable reading, the ideal font size that you must follow is between 16px to 18px.

It’s also okay if you go a little beyond 18px. However, try not to stretch it more because it may appear weird.

  • Line Space

Line Space defines the space between two texts.

Always keep a good amount of line space between each text and paragraph.

It makes it easier for readers to differentiate and understand each section effectively.

6. Add a Picture as an example

” No place is boring if there is one colourful image “.

colourful image
Colourful Image

Yes, long content can be very boring for your readers. Therefore use images to grab their attention.

I believe even you will agree that colours evoke positive and joyful sentiments in everyone.

Thus there is no doubt that it can also makes your content more fun to read.

Another reason is that images help readers learn more about your content than anything else.

A picture demonstrating your content helps the reader grasp your content more clearly, just as an image of an apple helps the reader understand the term apple more clearly.

So use images to make your content shine more.

7. Deliver values through your content

Value means unique, knowledgeable content.

It helps the reader gain more knowledge from you, apart from the knowledge which he already owns.

Hence, all the above points about writing content will go in vain if you fail to deliver any value to your reader.

8. Urge your readers to give feedback

Feedbacks can be either positive or negative or constructive criticism.

Remember, be it anything, never be afraid to confront them.

Learn what your readers are saying, learn why they are saying so, and act accordingly.

If someone criticises you, don’t be upset. Instead, be grateful that someone took the time to read your work.

If it’s about anything you need to work on, then try to work on yourself. It will not harm you, but it will move you forward in your path.

Plus will also increase the engagement rate of your content.


One piece of advice if you are writing for online content.

Don’t put yourself under too much pressure to be flawless right away.

We are humans, and we develop gradually. No rocket science can make us perfect on the first day.

Be yourself and keep your best in front of everybody, that’s it.

So have you started writing posts? Let me know in the comment below.

Also, comment down below if my content was in any way helpful to you?

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