What is a blog?-Definition and basic information

A blog is a few paragraph of detailed information availed by an individual or a group of person on a website.

Blogs are specifically based on a particular niche(field) and is an informal but meticulous way of writing about a a certain topic on a website.

Blogs are generally for public viewing and are created to share ones knowledge with the intention of helping others.

In todays world where people mostly turn to internet to solve their problems, blogs indeed renders them with their handful of information to decode those definite problems.

History of blog

The word blog is a short form of “weblog”.

It mostly started around 1994 but gained popularity somewhere during the year 1999.

Back then it was just about online journals about ones life or something relatable. But with time people came to realize its potential and started venturing it on different fields.

what is blogging?

Blogging is a combination of a few sets of skills that are required to run a blog e.g. writing, selecting visuals , linking , posting and sharing them on different media platforms and many more.

who is a blogger?

A blogger is someone who runs and maintains the entire blog . It is just like any other profession like a teacher who teaches, a trainer who trains etc.

Bloggers share their experience and skills on the internet which they have acquired over the period in their field. They help others in reducing their hurdles which they are yet or about to confront in it.

Blog structure and what it contains?

basic structure of a  blog
  • Header – Website name and navigation bar(menu).
  • Sidebar(Right/left) -Recent post, Categories, Social media profiles etc.
  • Main Content area (Body)- It is where you post your content i.e. your blog post.
  • Footer-Privacy policy page, Relevant links etc.

Is there any difference between a blog and a website?

Both blog and a website has a domain(website name/URL) and is being hosted by a server.

The only difference is that in a blog the content is the blog posts which they post, link and share on a regular or weekly basis. While in a website the content is mostly in the form of static pages.

Now a days, it is even more confusing for a beginner to differentiate between the two. It is because, since many websites have started to post blogs in their pages in order connect well with their target audience.

So don’t you worry, eventually bit by bit you will understand everything and it will be just a like piece of cake.

Can you start a blog?

Yes of course, people of every age ,groups can do blogging.

If you have any set of skill or experience which you may think that it can be beneficiary to a lot people ,then you can definitely become a blogger.

And as per the writing part ,not everybody is gifted with wonderful writing skills. So either you can hire a writer or write it by yourself.

As we all know, the more we practice the more we get better. So the more you write the more you get better. Therefore you can write it even by yourself.

Can we earn money through blogging?

Yes ,you can earn money through blogging.

But it is not that simple. You see there are thousands of website just for one particular topic. And in order to earn you need to rank your website in Google or have a decent amount of traffic.

Let me show you, lets search “tips while travelling abroad”.

search result in google for tips while travelling abroad

You can see the search result is humongous although not all of them are updated.

So you get a chance to play but to do so you will be requiring a lot of patience.

This is so because nothing is going to happen over night, it will indeed require quite a bit of time for your site to rank or garner traffic.

So my advice will be, stick to it ,don’t give up and eventually you can see the result of your hard work, effort, time and patience.

Few of the ways to earn money through blogging are:

  • Google AdSense.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Selling Digital products like ebooks , courses ,software and many more.

Requirements to start your own blog:

  • Domain(your website name).
  • Hosting(server where you will be hosting your site).
  • Blogging platform- There are many blogging platforms and one of them is WordPress. WordPress is a free, open-source platform where you can build a blog with dozens of free, customizable, mobile-ready designs and themes.


  • Blogs are paragraph containing a handful of information about a particular niche.
  • It is a way to share ones knowledge and experience.
  • It is a way through which you can help others.
  • Basic structure of a blog comprises of header, sidebar, main content area and footer.
  • Blog is something through which you can express and show your creative side with full creative freedom.
  • It is a way to earn money.
  • To start your own blog you will require a blogging platform, domain and hosting.

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