Review of Siteground 2021( Should/Not) Buy?

review on siteground

Review of Siteground 2021-

Siteground is one of the highest-rated web hosting company. It was founded in 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

It is said to have been hosting around 20,00,000 domains worldwide.

It does so with a full proof security backing that helps the website sail smoothly, even during peak hours.

Siteground plans review

They offer a wide range of hosting plans for varying situations. Example WordPress hosting, Woo commerce hosting, Clouding hosting etc.

These hosting plans are then further divided into three parts:

  • StartUp
  • GrowBig
  • GoGeek
Siteground review

Basic features provided by Siteground:

1. Unmetered Traffic

It means that the company does not promise to provide unlimited bandwidth. Which also states that only a certain amount of bandwidth will be availed to your website.

2. Free SSL

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a protocol that is used to ensure security on the Internet. This is done by making the data impossible to read or decrypt.

You can see almost every standard website uses secure HTTP i.e. HTTPS.


In case not applied then there is a chance that Google may penalise that website in their Search Rankings.

So it is a positive point that they provide free SSL.

3. Daily Backup

Why backup is needed?

Backups are life saviours when you accidentally delete an important file. Or when an update causes unintended conflicts with the theme or template of your website etc.

Therefore Daily backup comes in handy to overcome such situations.

4. Free CDN

What is the use of CDN?

Content Delivery Network refers to a worldwide group of servers that work together to deliver faster content by minimizing the loading speed of a webpage.

Hence Free CDN is a huge positive approach for your website.

5. Free Email

You can create numerous email account for professional purposes under your domain name.

Example, [email protected] or any other random word like [email protected]

6. WP-CLI and SSH

What are WP-CLI and SSH?

It is a WordPress command-line interface. It provides an efficient way to type commands in Secure Shell(SSH- remote administration protocol) to execute it.

7. Out of the box Caching

What is caching used for?

It a temporary storage location that is used to store all your data so that it can be accessed quickly for any future requests.

8. Unlimited Databases

What is Database?

A database is somewhere all your website data will be stored in an organized and structured format.

Therefore unlimited database lifts the stress of large website owners.

And at the same time provides a stress-free environment for beginners to mainly focus on their content.

9. 30days-money-back guarantee

The money-back-guarantee allows you to revert from this host if you are not satisfied with their promised service.

Now let us dig into these plans individually.


Apart from the basic plan they allows/provides:

  • You to host only 1 website.
  • 10GB Web space.
  • 10000 Visits Monthly.
  • Free WP Installation.
  • Free WP Migrator – This helps you to easily migrate your site to Siteground.
  • WordPress Autoupdates.


In terms of sales, this is one of their most popular plans among all.

Apart from the basic plan they allow/provides.

  • You to host unlimited website – Although it says unlimited I think there must be a limit depending upon the web space they provide.
  • 20 GB Web space.
  • 25000 Monthly Visits.
  • Free WP Installation.
  • Free WP Migrator.
  • WordPress Autoupdates.
  • On-demand Backup Copies.
  • Ultrafast PHP.
  • Staging.
  • Add Collaborators – It allows your client to add you as a collaborator where you can access their Site tools.

Go Geek

We can consider that this plan is for the pro players of this field.

Apart from the basic plan they allow/provides:

  • You to host unlimited website – Again, I think there must be some limit.
  • 40GB Web space.
  • 100000 Visits Monthly.
  • Free WP Installation.
  • Free WP Migrator.
  • WordPress Autoupdates.
  • On-demand Backup Copies.
  • Ultrafast PHP.
  • Staging + Git.
  • Add Collaborators.
  • White-label Clients.
  • Highest Tier of Resources.
  • Priority Support.

Where are Siteground data centres?

Siteground Data Centers are located in:

Siteground reviews
  • USA, Lowa
  • Asia, Singapore
  • Australia, Sydney
  • United Kingdom, London
  • Germany, Frankfurt
  • Europe, The Netherlands

Which Siteground plan is best?

As I mentioned before their most popular plan in terms of sales is Grow Big plan.

Since it is a mixed version of both the other two plans (Startup and Go Geek) that is why most people generally opts for it.

Also, the higher number of sales is a testimony that this is indeed one of the best plans if you wish to buy Siteground.

Is Siteground monthly?

Yes, they have provided both the monthly as well as the yearly plan.

But here’s the thing if you proceed with the monthly plan, you won’t get to enjoy their discount offer.

The discount offer is placed just for those who are willing to buy it for 12 or 24 months.

So even if you are planning to opt for the monthly plan, don’t. You are going to lose a lot of extra money.

Note: “The special initial price applies for the first invoice only. Once your initial term is over regular normal prices apply

This statement states that you are subjected to this special offer only if you are a first-time buyer. And the renewal rates will not be having any discount offer.

Do you get a free domain with SiteGround?

No, they don’t provide you with a free domain. You have to buy it for yourself.

Also, it’s better to own a domain since it gives you its full authority. You clearly wouldn’t want to face any kind of uncertainty while your website is active or when it is a decent source of income.

So it’s always better to buy your domain.

What platform does Siteground use for hosting their site?

Hristo Pandjarov, WordPress Initiatives Manager for Siteground has mentioned that “We use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to provision virtual machines on top of which we deploy our own implementation of Linux Containers (LXD)

This means they use the Google Cloud platform for hosting your sites.

Google Cloud platform

  • Provides the website/blog with a very reliable network.
  • Ensures customer as well as site protection.
  • It is very fast and thus increases site performance.

Now let’s talk about the bad side i.e. the negative experience of the customers.

These are a few of the bad reviews that I have picked up from various sites for educational purposes.

Bad Reviews / Cons

  • User A‘s review of Siteground : It complained about their support team. It was how he has waited for almost 8-12 min to get a reply from them.

He also complained about receiving a notification that his chat requests have been expired where he barely had 1-2 average chats every month.

  • User B‘s review of Siteground : It complained about their Inode limitation. She stated that the Inode limitation won’t be enough if you own 1 or 2 large sites and a few heavy email accounts.

What is the Inode limit?

review of siteground inode limit
Siteground Inode Limit

It represents the limit to which one can store files in their hosting account.

Once the limit is reached you won’t be able to create any additional files on your site.

You may have to start deleting unimportant files to create space for the new ones.

  • User C‘s review of Siteground : It reported that since the cPanel does not exist, the developers can no longer access the File manager. And direct mail transfer cannot be done since the Mail folder will not be accessible anymore.

What is cPanel?


cPanel is an online Linux-based web hosting control panel.

It provides a dashboard through which you can manage your website using a human-friendly interface.

Why Siteground does not uses cPanel?

A user mentioned that it must be the hike in price as mentioned in the new pricing policy of cPanel.

So, maybe they were feeling too much dependent on cPanel.

And we all know too much dependency on one source can create a strong base for the birth of a monopoly.

Maybe it was for this reason, they have tried to visualize and make something innovative for themselves.

But RENETA TASANKOVA Siteground team Replied that “I wish we were so farsighted to see in the future, but it was just a lucky coincidence for us. When we started reworking the interfaces, we didn’t know there would be such changes in their pricing. That is why I prefer not to use the cPanel pricing as an argument in favour of the change – it is simply not true.

What does Siteground use then?

siteground Site tools
Site tools

It uses Site tools instead of cPanel.

Site tools were introduced to Siteground in July 2019 because they wanted to switch from account to site-centric products.

They did this –

  • To develop a new interface to improve the way their client designs or manage their website and hosting.
  • So that each site has its Site tool and any type of compromise won’t affect the other site present under the same account name.

  • User D‘s review of Siteground : It stated that even if they lacked the basic functionality of cPanel or Plesk, they were ok with it.

But as per him, there was one incident when his site exceeded the normal “No more than 40000 CPU seconds for any given calendar rule”.

In this incident, Siteground was said to have switched off his site which still had a 22500 live audience on it.

But all he wished was they would have at least discussed an upgrade or something but no such conversation ever went ahead.

If you want to read more reviews you can read it in the comment section of this site. Click here.

Now let’s see some good reviews.

Good Reviews/ Pros

  • User A‘s review of Siteground : It wrote that she was facing trouble while she tried to migrate her site and getting the nameservers and DNS configured. And therefore she asked for help.

She stated that the support team helped her by patiently navigating her through the whole process.

  • User B‘s review of Siteground : It wrote that he wanted to know if a non-WP site can be migrated to Siteground as a WP.

It was when the team member went far and beyond to help him in this situation.

  • User C‘s review of Siteground : A newbie wrote that she wanted to manage some of the backend functionality of her site and the team member helped her by giving her proper advice on what she should do next.

Want to read more click here.

My thoughts on review of Siteground

Be it good or bad, everybody has their own experience and has different review of siteground.

Here I have tried to extract out only those reviews which was helpful in terms of educating people a bit more about hosting.

When should you buy Siteground?

Here are few points when it’s completely fine to buy Siteground.

  • If you are not a developer and do not require a cPanel to handle different client sites in your way.
  • When you do not possess a large site with thousands of live visitor and is sceptical about the CPU per sec policy of Siteground.
  • When you are a complete beginner with little to no knowledge on how to handle cPanel.

So, Is Siteground good for beginners?

Yes according to me it is indeed good for beginners.

If you want to solely concentrate on content creation for the first year without having a headache about the uptime or site management system, Siteground is for you.

Siteground gives you an uptime of 99.9% and is also noticeably faster.

Uptime is mainly one of the most popular service they provide for which it is such a highly recognised web hosting company.

I hope my post was able to give you a rough insight about Siteground. Also comment down below your experience with Siterground. It may help others know about their current perfomance score in their field.

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