How to make money with blogging? Few ways to do so are..

make money with blogging

How to make money with blogging ?-

Making money through blogs is something that everybody wants. So can blogs make money?

Yes, Blogs are definitely a decent source of online income.

But the niche you are opting for must also be directly proportional to ways of making money. Therefore first of all choose a niche that goes really well with the ways, thus helping you earn a good amount of money from it.

So lets get started, here are-

5 ways in which you can make money with blogging

1) Google AdSense

It is an advertising program by google where website owners can create ad banners and Google will serve ads on them.

Two ways of earning money through these ads are:

  • CPC(Cost Per Click)

It represents the money earned due to the number of clicks on these ads. This means each time a visitor clicks on a ad, you earn a certain amount of money.

  • CPM(Cost per Mile)

So first of all we need to understand the meaning of impression.

What is Impression?

Whenever a ad is being seen by one of your visitor or reader, it is considered to be an impression.

Now in CPM i.e. Cost Per Mile, Mile represents 1000. Therefore it indicates Cost per 1000 impression.

So with every 1000 impression you earn a specific amount of money.

2) Affiliate Marketing/CPA( Cost Per Action )

What is meant by affiliate marketing?

It is a way through which you can earn commission by promoting other company’s product through an URL provided by them.

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate Marketing

How do you make money as an affiliate?

Since it is also known as Cost Per Action, it makes the concept very clear that whenever a person clicks on your link and buys a product, you earn a commission as a return, from it.

How do i become a affiliate marketer?

Take a look at your niche and then take look at those companies selling products similar to your niche.

Go to their website and look out for “affiliate“. If you find them then you can become a affiliate marketer through it.

3) Consulting

Here you use your website to showcase your expertise and encourage users to contact you through the consulting packages availed by you in your site.

These consulting packages can outperform and be a great source of income if you can identify a very specific problem for a very specific group of people and then targeting that specific customer.

Also you can also create a review page for that particular package. This helps the visitors visiting your website to see its credibility, thus increasing your sales.

4) Sell an e-product

E-product is an amazing way to compose your hundreds and thousands of blogs into a book and sell it.

This method of earning can be considered when you are having a massive and fixed amount of readers visiting your site everyday.

Here numbers matters because it indicates that the readers trusts you thus leading to a massive sale of your e-book.

5) Sponsored Posts

When your website earns a massive following and is recognizable across your niche, you can sell sponsored posts on your website.

One point to keep in mind is that the posts must not be fully biased since they have the potential to do a lot more harm than good, to you.

So here is one good way to sell sponsored posts on your website.

You can conduct a interview session with the company about the doubts that the general public has about their products and compose a great content out of it.

These posts will genuinely help your readers plus become a good source of income for you as well.


  • Choose a great a niche to have a decent amount of income.
  • Ways of making money from blogging are:
    • Google AdSense which is through Cost Per Click and Cost Per Mile.
    • Cost Per Action i.e. through promoting products of other company.
    • Consulting i.e. creating consulting packages to help others in overcoming their difficulties.
    • Sell e-products such as books and courses.
    • Sponsored posts such as review, interview pages etc.

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