Job For Travels and Tourism: Passive Income Source For Lifetime

Job For Travels and Tourism: Passive Income Source For Lifetime, Work From Home Travel Jobs For Freshers

In India, the travel sector is enormous. And it has a lot of potential. With the advent of the Internet, going online has become a must for every company, and the travel industry is no exception.

Online businesses are growing at an exponential rate, while offline businesses are standing still.

However, many tour operators remain offline and fail to reap the benefits of being online.

And, certainly one of the causes may be that these long-established travel operators don’t know how to go online and expand their company there.

You could say, well, I get that, but this is about tour operators, not me. Trust me, keep on reading. You will understand what I am trying to say. And you will achieve your dream to travel the world without having any worries.

So since these tour operators may not know how to go online there is an opportunity that you can grab and help them. 

Again, confused. Right?

Look, the travel market is in dire need of intelligent, educated and current generation people, who know how to handle the technical aspects of everything and benefit from them.

This bridge between the two worlds has to be covered to maintain the stability and profitability of this industry.

And it is you who can do so. You are the asset.

You can help them by becoming a Travelpreneur.

TouristTribe is providing a free platform that serves as the bridge between tour operators and Travelpreneurs, where both individuals will benefit from it.

Travelpreneur job travel and ourism

What or Who is a Travelpreneur? – Job Travel and Tourism

In India, the travel and tourism industry has relatively little to offer students with a degree in travel and tourism that is a travellers job for freshers. And these are the students who have a genuine passion for travel. 

Travelpreneur represents every person in a room who wants to monetize their knowledge of travel and tourism.

It does not matter whether you are a student with a travel degree or a travel enthusiast. Travelpreneur empowers everybody who wishes to make a career in this field.

What Is The Work Of A Travelpreneur?

The main work of a travelpreneur is to be the helping hand of tour operators. This implies you’ll be in charge of their travel operator account and filling out all the necessary data for their tour packages in a professional format.

Now, you must know that there are some particular terminologies related to tour packages, meals etc. However, tour operators may be unaware of such details and may be unable to understand the format of the form as well. 

This is exactly where your professional assistance will be beneficial to their business.

In addition, due to a lack of proper knowledge, certain tour operators may have limitations on the sorts of tour packages they may offer. For example, Excursion, Honeymoon/Romantic, Family, Friends/group, Solo, Adventure, Relaxing, Luxury, Local Festival and many more.

You can suggest these things to them to assist them in growing their business and increasing their sales.

So will tour operators ask for your help? How will it function? Right?

What Will Be The Bridge Between You And The Tour Operator?

There will be two ways through which this bridge will be made, connecting you and the tour operator.

  • The Tour operator will approach the Travelpreneurs.

Tour operators that already have a TouristTribe account will have a list of different travelpreneurs. From there, they can request any of the travelpreneurs to be their guide. The first travelpreneur to accept the request will have the opportunity to engage with and represent the tour operator.

  • Travelpreneurs have to approach the Tour Operators.

Yes, you have to approach them. 

Do you have to approach the tour operatorator who hold an account in Tourist Tribe?

No. You are not permitted to approach these tour operators. Tour operators who already have an account can seek your services, but not the other way around.

So whom to approach?

You must connect with tour operators outside of the website and demonstrate the value of the TouristTribe to them.

After that, help them by creating their account in TouristTribe, representing them.

You may think about how will it help you. Right? Continue reading the good part is yet to come.

So, what should you do if you don’t know how to execute any of these things? Will the TouristTribe team help you?

Will TouristTribe Provide Any Training Course?

Yes. TouristTribe will train you and support you in every way they can.

Want to know get a tutorial of operators account. Visit Tutorial To Sell Travel Packages Online(Step-By-Step) For Easy Money.

Here comes the good part(wink).

How Much Or How Will You Get Paid?

Every time someone books a tour package with one of your partnered Tour operators, you will earn 1% of it. 

So if 10 different customers book the same tour package of 35000 in a month, i.e. 350000, you will receive 1% of every booking. This means your net income for that month will be 35000.

This particular way of monetization of a tour package is quite similar to that of YouTube. 

Yes, you may need to upgrade the package when the seasons change, and the amount may fluctuate and climb to 40000 or more.

What will happen in the situation, correct? Don’t worry, you will always get 1% of every booking of that package. Whether the amount is 40000 or 35000, your account will always receive 1% credit of the current amount throughout your lifetime.

As a result, the more associations you build with various Tour Operators, the more money you will earn.

What happens if someone cancels their booking?

Even if a customer cancels their booking, the Travelpreneur will always receive a 1 % credit of that amount. This implies that your payments are subject to a no-refund policy.

How to join as a Travelpreneur?

Visit the Travelpreneur TouristTribe section of the website. Scroll down and you will find a Signup form.

Fill out all of the required information and submit the form.

Sign up form job travel and tourism
Travelpreneur Sign Up Form

After you’ve finished filling out the form, you can sign in to your account. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll see a code over there.

When you partner with a tour operator, you will enter the code in the My Travelpreneur area of the tour operator’s account to confirm your unique identity as a Travelpreneur.

Following your enrollment, a small interview through call will take place. This interview is a part of the account verification and activation process. So make sure to take it.

Also, the TouristTribe team will conduct a monthly verification phone call.

Monthly Verification

A monthly verification call is just a conversation where the TouristTribe staff discusses your position and current status as a Travelpreneur.

For Example

  • How is your work going on?
  • Have you been stuck somewhere? Do you require assistance?
  • Not able to connect with tour operators? Need help? Need some training?

Overall, they will supply you with all of the assistance you require.


Being a student or a starter in the travel business and having a consistent source of passive income takes a lot of effort and time. Also, tourism jobs for freshers or travelling jobs for females and males are almost nil until you have to go out and seek jobs from travel companies.

Travelpreneur is one of the easiest ways to get started and establish your money tree, which will generate money for you for the rest of your life.

So if you are ready to stop the endless cycle of looking for a secure job and have your freedom by having a path from where money will always come in, then click on the link and get started. 

Hope this post helps you to understand what is a Travelpreneur and how you can have a passive income source even in the travel industry.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. We would love to hear your feedback on it.

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