Effective way on how to increase online sales

Today I am here to show you a way that how you can increase online sales.

The solution is none other than content marketing.

Yes you heard it right you can easily double your sales through content marketing.

Have you ever heard of this word? If your answer is “NO” then buckle up your seat belt. This post is going to reveal a very easy, yet complicated journey that can help you to reach cloud-nine.

So, let us begin by digging into the definition of content marketing.

Part 1 on “how to increase your online sales”

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a simple concept that involves conveying information about a solution to a specific problem.

To make it more understandable let’s break it into three steps.

  1. You have a problem.
  2. I have a solution to your problem.
  3. I am giving you the solution.

If you compare two distinct eras, the manner in which I provide you the solution is also extremely different.

Lets see how?

We’ve seen in the past (when we didn’t have internet) that businesses use to hire several salesman.

Their job was to specifically educate people about their products and how their products were the best solution to your problem.

While in this era, things are quite different. Apps like Amazon or Flipkart have completely changed the game.

We can literally buy anything from anywhere at anytime.

But do you think is it practically possible for a salesman to be present in front of you 24/7 to answer your queries or tell you how their product is the best solution for your problem. NO right?

Therefore this is exactly where content marketing takes place.

To understand it more clearly let’s take an example.

Suppose you are the owner of a shoe company based on London that sells shoes both in-store and online.

Now, a man from Delhi is looking for a decent pair of shoes, so he types “best shoes under $400” in Google. And as he scrolls through the search results, he notices that Google has presented him with your website content.

He then clicks on your page and reads about your product thoroughly.

Now if everything goes well and he likes your material or feels that you have solved his problem, there is a good possibility, he will buy a pair of shoe from you.

So did you get it now?

Yes, you got it right. Maybe it’s impossible to be there in front of your consumer all of the time, but it doesn’t mean you can’t sell your product to them.

Content marketing is a smart way through which you are able to make sales even when you are sound asleep.

Part 2 on “how to increase your online sales”

Implementation of Content Marketing

In the second part we will talking about how you can implement this in your own organisation.

To begin, you must make your contents available on a platform where you can find most of your potential customers.

Now look for a platform that provides higher number of active users. Example Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or your own website where you can publish your blog posts.

Want to know how to write a perfect blog post? Click here to know more..

Many Marketers use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social media platforms to run social media campaigns.

In similar fashion you can also use these platforms to market, educate, and connect with customers, therefore making a positive impact among the viewers.

All you have to do is publish often on these platforms to give your audience the impression that you are active in this business.

Part 3 on “how to increase your online sales”

Importance of search engine

First let’s learn about the work of search engine?

A search engine is used to discover specific sites on the World Wide Web based on keywords entered by the user. Example Google, YouTube etc.

This means that it may distribute your pages (containing the solution) to everyone who is experiencing a similar problem.

Part 4 on “how to increase your online sales”

Cost Management

Cost management is a very important aspect of your business.

It has a significant impact on the overall structure of your business’s investment strategy.

Incase you are a budding entrepreneur working on your own. Then you might not have enough money to employ authors to do these tasks for you.

However, if this is not the case, you may hire freelancers from Fiverr, Upwork, and other sites to do the job on your behalf.-

A live example who uses content marketing to market their business is livespace.com.

how to increase online sale

All of this okay but just creating content is not enough, you have to optimize it further to get more conversion. Chill we have a separate blog about conversion click to read more.

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