11 New Google Manual Penalties for News and Discover

google manual penalties

11 New Google Manual Penalties for News and Discover.

Creating or nurturing a website is definitely not an easy task to do.

Here are the 12 types of mistakes in news and discover that can eventually lead to uncertainties in your site traffic or your site itself.

google manual penalties

Hence jot down these necessary points for the required precautions you need to take.

11 types of mistakes that can put your site at risk are:

Google Manual Penalties Only for Discover policy violation

1. Adult-themed content

Illegal Content like sexual acts or anything that unknowingly promotes nudity.

Google Manual Penalties Only for News Policy Violation

2. Transparency

Lets say, whenever a reader reads any article, he/she wants to know who is the author. So if anyhow you try to hide it, it can certainly violates this policy.

Since it also proves the credibility of the article, it is indeed an important point to remember.

Google Manual Penalties For Both News and Discover policy violation

3. Dangerous content

Things that can cause immediate harm to people or animals can lead your website towards penalty. Example:

  • Guns ,explosives and related products.
  • Drugs.
  • Articles about stunts without any warning note etc.

4. Harassing content

Contents targeting a specific person or group with malicious intentions.

  • Leaking private information.
  • Harassing somebody etc.

5. Hateful content

Contents targeting a specific individual or group to spread hatred towards them on the basis of their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity.

6. Manipulated content

Manipulating a audio or video to circulate wrong information with malicious intent can lead your new site towards risk.

7. Medical content

Content promoting medical practices that are against the common and established medical practices or promoting unauthorized pharmaceuticals and supplements.

8. Misleading content

If the heading of the content published promises something that is par away from the actual content just for sake of click bait ten it can violate this policy.

9. Sexually explicit content

Any kind of image or content promoting porn or soft porn can violate this policy.

10. Terrorist content

If your website or any of its pages promotes or celebrates any kind of extremist activity including recruitment will violate this policy.

11. Violence and gore content

If your site contains any violent, repulsive or gore content then it can violate this policy.

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