SEO Optimized Image using- Gimp how to resize image..

gimp how to resize image

SEO Optimized Image using GIMP- Gimp how to resize image, aspect ratio..

Be it a beginner or a pro, SEO optimized image is what helps them in contributing to the ranking of their respective blog post.

But for a beginner Photoshop can be really costly. “I was also that beginner”.

So today I will give you a guide on how to use Gimp to create a SEO optimized image.

First let me give you a brief idea on SEO Optimized image:

For a SEO optimized image-

  • The color profile must be sRGB.
  • The Aspect Ratio must be-
    • 1:1 ,1080×1080, optimal for mobile screens and web.
    • 3:2, 1080×720, optimal for mobile screens and web.
    • 4:3, 1280×720, optimal for mobile screens and web.
    • 16:9, 1920×1080, optimal for website background image.
  • The File Type must be-
    • PNG: for good quality images + large file size (when every detail matters).
    • JPG: for Good quality images(not as good as PNG) + small file size.
    • Gif: for animations.
    • SVG: for vector images.
  • The File Size must be-
    • Photos to be used in blog post should be each of <70kb.
    • Background image of an website <500 or <1000kb.
  • Save Files using hyphens instead of space. Example: “blog-it-big.jpg”.
chart on image optimization

Steps for Resizing, Aspect Ratio and other criteria for SEO Optimized image using Gimp(free tool) are:

1. Select a Picture and open through Gimp software.

2. A box will appear in the window. It will ask that whether you want to convert the colour profile to Gimps built-in sRGB color profile.

If your colour profile isn’t sRGB then you should definitely convert it otherwise I don’t think its required.

So, lets keep it the way it is and select “Keep”.

sRGB on gimp

3. This layout will appear in front of your screen.

gimp tutorials layout

4. Using GIMP how to resize your image.

Look towards the top-left corner of the menu bar on your screen, where you can see “Image” option. Click on it.

5. A dropdown menu for “Image” will appear there.

Select Image–>Scale Image.

Scale Image

6. After you select “Scale Image” the following box will appear.

gimp how to resize image

7. Here you can change the height width in pixels, percent, inches, centimeters, millimeters etc.

Also you can change the resolution in pixels/in, pixel/pt, pixel/cm etc.

Now lets change the width to 1080px. You can see the moment you either change the width or the height, the former always adjusts to the later accordingly.

resize image
Resize image

8. Since adjustments may not be appropriate to that of the SEO, we will set the aspect ratio as discussed above.

Select either Tools–>Selection Tools–>Rectangle Select you can see a Rectangle Select Symbol on the top most left hand corner under the menu bar section.

Rectangle select
Rectangle Select Symbol
Rectangle Select Symbol

9. The following image is will appear.

selection tools
Rectangle Selection Tools

Few things that you should notice is:

  • Fixed …..Aspect Ratio (if don’t see Aspect Ratio you can click on the down arrow sign and select it from there).
  • 1:1 – This is where you set your aspect ratio.


You have to set your aspect ratio manually. No dropdown list of different aspect ratio is being provided like Adobe Photoshop.

  • Position represents the position of your cursor.
  • Size- You can input positions as per your choice. To achieve more flexibility disable the fixed option by clicking on the “x” symbol.

Lets set the aspect ratio “1:1”. and crop the image.

10. To crop Select Image–> Crop to selection.

Crop to selection
Cropped Image
Cropped Image

11. Now Select File( present on the top most left corner ). Select File–>Export As.

Export AS

12. Here you can export your image using different extensions.


13. Save the image in the SEO optimized way. Example “blog-it-big.jpg“. Always use hyphen instead of space.

14. After you click on the save button, a dialog box will appear.

Quality gimp

You can decrease the quality a bit if you wish to. Decreasing can highly affect the file size.
So if your file size has surpassed the SEO Optimized size, you can adjust it accordingly.

15. Click on Export and your image is ready to be used.


  • Open an image in GIMP.
  • GIMP how to resize image: Image–>Scale Image–>Change width, height, resolution.
  • Tools–>Selection Tools–>Rectangle Select.
  • Manually input Aspect Ratio.
  • Set position if you wish to.
  • Drag the cursor Over the image to crop it.
  • Image–>Crop to Selection.
  • File–>Export As–>Select extension–>Save–>Quality–>Export.
  • Your Image is Ready.


  • Save your images using the keywords. It has the potential to boost your SEO and make your post or page rank higher.

Hope I was able to help you in understanding the process. Comment down below to let me know. Have a wonderful day ahead.

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