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domain definition

Domain definition-

Okay first lets clear how does communication works over internet.

A computer uses a series of numbers known as IP address to communicate with a server (i.e. where the data is being stored).

Lets take the example of a mobile number.

To communicate with any of your friend or relative you must need to dial a particular set of number to establish that specific connection. But memorizing a dozen of numbers can be difficult for us.

So for greater remembrance and to make it more easier, the numbers can be saved as per your wish in your phone number.

This is exactly how it works over the internet.

Since humans are unable to remember every other IP address for its searches over the internet these numbers are well represented with one or more words called domain in domain definition.

What is a domain?

Domain is nothing but a website name in domain definition.

Like incase of mine “blog it big”.

Here, a name is the given to a particular set of IP address to make it visibly possible for a human brain to remember it. This name is called either a domain or a domain name.

Different parts of a domain

Now lets take a look at the top i.e. the URL bar. It has got ““. The www, blogitbig and .com is categorized as:

  • Top Level Domain

These are the extensions given after the domain name who holds the highest priority place in the list. The extensions are .com, .net, .org.

  • Country Code Top Level Domain(ccTLD)

The extensions over here generally identifies a country. Example, .uk, .in etc.

  • Secondary Level Domain

This level represents the website name. In my case its “blog it big”.

  • Subdomain

The “www” part right before the domain name represents the subdomain of your website.

So when I was a beginner I used to think like how does these domain name and extensions work?

Lets take an example.

Suppose Domain name represents the name of a person while its extension represents the surname of that person.

Just like a name can have different surnames, a domain name can also exists with different extensions.

Therefore whenever you will look for a domain you will get to see different options on the basis of extensions. The name will be same but you will be provided with different extensions to choose from.

What is a subdomain and how can we work with it?

As i said earlier “www” in URL bar represents the subdomain part of the website name. So now lets understand how does it work or how do we work with it.

Again lets take an example.

Suppose you are having a one stored pet store and represents that store.
Now your pet store contain different pets such as dogs, cats, birds etc.

A customer entering your pet store may find it a bit chaotic and face difficulty in finding their ideal pet.

So to overcome it and make it more customer friendly you instead can have a three stored building as your pet store where represents the whole building. And each floor is sectioned for different type of pet.

Here different floors can be sectioned as:

  • Dogs (
  • Cats (
  • Birds (

You can see i replaced www with dogs, cats and birds.

Yes, “www” can be replaced with any word you wish, to create a another website that will be connected to your main website without having to buy a different domain to create a new website.

Advantages of a subdomain

  • You do not require to buy a new domain to start a new website.
  • Help you to organize your content into distinct sections.
  • Ease in marketing your content.


  • Domain is your website name.
  • Its different parts are Subdomain, Secondary Level Domain, Top Level Domain.

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