Use Clickbait Headings to Get More Clicks

How To Get More Clicks | Clickbait Headings –

Do you think you are producing high-quality content but not receiving enough clicks for them?

If yes, let me show you some points to remember.

HEADINGS are the first thing that makes someone click your post. So it is clear that you are not writing them correctly.

Ok, first I want to ask you a question.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind if you hear the word “Clickbait“?

I guess it will be something negative, right? But why negative?

It is because of the people who fabricates heading to sell something that is the complete opposite of what you have bought.

However, if used correctly, it may have a significant influence on your click-through rate.

So let’s see how you can incorporate it with your heading to get as many clicks as possible.

Let us begin with how to use headings?

HEADING ( H1 tag )

The heading is one of the two things that appear in the SERPs.

Therefore, think of it like the best player representing your post, the same as the top players representing their country in the Tokyo Olympics.

Reasons Your Posts Are Not Getting Enough Clicks

1. You are not addressing your reader’s issue thus could not reach your target audience.

Addressing their problem is also a kind of an example of clickbait-heading.

  • Example 1

I had just written an article about content marketing around five or six days prior. However, I did not name it “What is content marketing?” and so on.

I instead titled it “Effective way on how to increase online sales“.


Because those who are unfamiliar with the meaning of content marketing may also be unfamiliar with the term “content marketing”.

Therefore in such a case, the best solution will be to address their problem.

In the same way, think about all the possible ways your content can help people and then compose your heading.

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  • Example 2

Another example is that those who wish to make money quickly may not the about the options available in the market.

Therefore you can frequently see clickbait headings such as “ Earn $3500″ per month through affiliate marketing” and what not.

And this is how you should also use it to increase your clicks for your content.

2. You are not using the tried-and-tested clickbait methods to spark curiousness among your viewers.

The tried-and-tested formulae are in abundance on the internet. Almost every blogger has written something or the other on this topic.

Dig into it and apply those formulas by yourself.

There are two components to these formulas.

2.1. Emotions your heading should trigger.

Human emotion- clickbait
  • curiosity among your readers

Curiosity is the most powerful feeling that can entice readers to read your posts.

Such as people who enjoy dramas will always be interested in learning about their favourite celebrities daily lives.

Example Viewers of such category will always click a post or a video if they read a heading. ” Kim Kardashian Threatens To Fire Kourtney From KUWTK”.

Similarly, every niche has visitors who are constantly interested in learning about the information provided by bloggers.

Therefore, you must also grasp what unique content in your post can capture the reader’s attention. And then manipulate those with proven techniques to make a perfect heading.

  • fear of missing out

The fear of missing out can generate a sense of urgency in the reader.

It strongly encourages viewers to click on a post so that they don’t feel left out.

Let’s take an example from a very trendy topic, Cryptocurrency.

Assume a heading states that “Ethereum is getting a pullback from a week low and rallying upwards “.

Such type of heading is bound to generate a fear of missing out on making significant profits among cryptocurrency traders.

Therefore, you must also understand your reader’s urgency and compose such a heading.

  • the feeling of smartness

People enjoy it when everyone around them thinks they’re smart.

I, too, had a friend who I thought was highly intelligent. I complimented him on how quickly he solved a Rubix cube.

But, as it turns out, he merely watched a YouTube tutorial from “bright side”.

I hope you understand what I’m trying to explain.

It is a very typical human behaviour. Even I would want to hear such flattering words, but unfortunately, no one says them.

Therefore creating such a heading can be extremely helpful for you. It is easier to get clicks from them.

Example, The 20-Minute Read that Will Make You a Financial Genius by copyblogger.

2.2. Ways in which you can play with certain words and numbers to capture your viewer’s attention.

1. How to 

In general, readers mostly look for answers using the phrase “how to”. Thus it’s perfect if you are writing a guide-post for your readers.

But be quite precise about your content, such as mention whether it is for beginners, a specific type of food lover etc.

Suppose you are writing a post about a vegan cake recipe.

So, if you title it “How to Make a Cake | Recipe,” you’ll be competing with a hundred other blog posts in the same category.

However, if you call it “How to Make a Vegan Cake | Recipe,” you will significantly reduce your competition and boost your chances of receiving more clicks.

Examples, How to –

  • Select the Best Dog Breed for Tropical Climates.
  • Get Rid of Belly Fat in a Week |Proven Technique.
  • Write a Perfect Blog Post Like Big Bloggers.
  • Earn $5000 Every Month By Selling Domains.

2. Numbers

Numbers creates an illusion of hierarchical, numerical and composed easy-to-read points.

With decreasing attention span among readers, numbers play a huge role in getting more clicks than any tested rule.

People are too distracted to read out your entire blog post and pick up the secret points all by themselves. Therefore they always like to opt for hassle-free options and choose the ones with numbers above all.

According to writedirection numbers are “Brain Candy“.

Numbers- clickbait heading
Numbers are “Brain Candy”


  • 5 Car features to look for in your Next Car.
  • 7 things to avoid when buying a car.
  • 15 Exercise TO Lose Belly Fat.
  • 10 Cheapest Automatic Car in 2021.

3. Tips & Tricks

Heading with the words “Tips and Tricks” receive more views from people seeking an easy but clever approach to handle an issue.

And as more and more information is present on the internet, people will always opt for clever solutions to their problems.


  • 31 Fabulous Fashion Marketing tips.
  • 10 Tricks for Clothing Brand to start trending on Instagram.
  • 101 Fashion tips and tricks that will change your life.
  • 20 Best Fashion tips from Pro Stylist.

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Conclusion – Clickbait Heading

Clickbait heading can also be positive if they are not used to deceive readers and deliver on their promises.

So you can also use them with the right intention to gather more clicks from your viewers.

I hope you understand that each viewer will have a distinctive approach while looking for a solution.

Therefore, think accordingly to get more clicks from your target audience.

Comment down below if you agree with me or not? You can also add a valuable point that can be helpful for others as well.

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