7 Blog Title writing tips to increase your click through rate


Blog title always plays an important role in your blog post.

A good title will not only increase your click through rate but also compel the viewers to sign up your blog or follow your blog.

All this will eventually lead to a better ranking of your post and your site.

It is estimated that almost 80% of the viewers were compelled by its title to click on it and then read the whole blog post.

If you are running a blogging site then you must be aware of how each and every action taken by you determines the growth and development of your site.

Blog title is one of easiest yet powerful way to climb up the ladder. Therefore we should harness its power and create compelling blog titles for different posts.

Blog Title

Top 7 points to remember while creating a blog title.

1)Add a keyword

Adding a keyword should be your top most priority in this list. This is because the viewers mostly looks for that one word that describes your content plus SEO of course. Even SEO looks for that keyword so that it can suggest it to the viewers.

If you are using WordPress and a SEO tool kit, then you do not have to worry much about it. No matter what, it always ask you to place the keyword in your blog title.

2)Create a cohesive blog title with your keyword.

Do not just randomly place the keyword for the SEO and the viewers.

It simply wont be compelling for them. Use it cohesively to increase the efficienly of your blog.

3)Be very specific about your content in the blog title

While creating the title try to be as specific as possible about your content.

Highlight the main components of your post. Don’t just tell the viewers that you will be explaining a lot of things.

Compel them to click by saying that you must know this before taking a step ahead.

4)Deliver the promise you gave them through the blog title of your post

Do not go overboard with the title if you cant deliver them the content as promised.

Viewers will likely to take it as a clickbait and will not return the next time. This can be a very destructive action for the growth and development of your blog.

5)Include “how to” in your title

As we know the more we serve the more we get. Having a blogging site is kind of service which you are providing with your experience.

So “how to” do a specific a work will always be the greatest title and content which you can produce.

Plus articles title starting with “how to” has a higher click though rate than other normal/basic titles.

6)Have obsession with numbers

Numbers are very important. According to a research, blog title with numbers has the highest click through rate.

Viewers generally likes reading content in points. Points not only provides you with an ordered way to display your post but also helps the viewers to read your post accordingly.

Also numbers relate to as the most important points in a article for the viewers.
Thereby affecting your site in a good way.

7)Look for examples from other sites

It does not matter whether the title relates to your blog or not, learn from them.

We learn from somebody ,somebody learns from the other and the cycle goes on. Never pull back from learning, from the most experienced ones. They are the best teachers out there.

One thing that will always remain yours is the experience, which you can share to help others at the right time.


Blog Title Ideas
  • A good title will increase your click through rate.
  • Add a keyword in your title.
  • Create a cohesive title with your keyword.
  • Be very specific about your content.
  • Deliver the promise you gave them through the title of your post.
  • Include “how to” in your title.
  • Have obsession with numbers.
  • Look for examples from other sites.

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