Best niches for blogging 2020 – here are top 5 of them

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Best niches for blogging 2020-

Well you can see that mostly everybody who knows about blogging and its output, had definitely been thinking about starting one.

But they are not quite sure about the niche they should pick and this is exactly where they get stuck.

So today i will give you a brief overlook on what is niche, best niches for blogging and few tips about how to choose one.

Lets begin with …

What is a niche?

A niche is specifically a market about which you will be writing on your blog.

A niche is always that part of a market which can be divided into many subparts.

Suppose, Diet and Fitness is your markets therefore its submarkets can be divided as follows:

  • Workouts
    • training tips.
    • gymnastic
    • different type of arm workouts.
    • cross fit.
  • Diets
    • weight loss diet.
    • cross fit workout diet.
    • diet for muscle gain and many more.

The main moto of this example was to simply help you understand that a niche is always a broader topic which it can be divided into many subtopics.

Now here are the top 5 best niches for blogging 2020.

Top 5 best niches for blogging 2020

How to make money online

How to make money online is one of the best niches for blogging 2020

Money is such a thing that can excite every person in a room.

We all agree that lockdown had an adverse affect on the job market therefore everybody wants to look for different sources of income to keep themselves secure.

Thus, how to find one is like inviting a pool of traffic towards you.

It is an highly profitable niche but yes these niches are meant only for the experienced ones.

So its preferable not to opt for this ,until and unless you have a prior knowledge or experience in this field.


Travelling is one of the best niches for blogging 2020

I feel travelling just took a rebirth after this long lockdown.

Travel freaks are too curious to know about the functionality of the airlines, hotels, restaurants and many more.

Therefore, you have endless content to cover right now and few of them are:

  • Rules and regulation a traveler should follow while travelling.
  • Hygiene reviews of restaurants.
  • Is budget travelling possible right now?
  • Paper works needed to be done before travelling etc.

Everything is fine but remember your own safety shall always be your top most priority.

You can also wait till the vaccine comes out, which will give you ample time to plan and plot about how to create a travel blog and the topics you shall cover.

Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness has always remained one of the popular niche among all.

And as we know “With great popularity comes great traffic” so it is also a source of high income for such bloggers.

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You can provide diets tips for different workouts to different age groups or write about information such as keto diets, gluten free diet and many other diets.

You can also review the diets that are on trend. Whether it is good or bad for health and if good then how should you follow it.

Earnings in such niche can be really high and comes in many form. You can definitely sell space for ad placement plus also include affiliate links for the equipment your prefer and recommend and so on.



Parenting is definitely not an easy job.

If you are a stay-at-home mom or dad and want to utilize your excess time to earn money, then parenting is the best niche you can write about.

I think parenting can be really tough if you are not mentally prepared for it.

Therefore to be parents are always searching for tips on the internet.

Every parents have their own share of experience and this is exactly what that makes it a pretty vast topic.

Here are few of things that you can write about:

  • Struggles you have faced after you became a parent.
  • Products that are good for the babies.
  • Baby food recipes.
  • Best way to teach babies about different things and so on.

Investing, trading(stock market, cryptocurrency)

Investing, trading(stock markets, cryptocurrency) i

If you already hold an experience in this field plus your are a great explainer then this is your niche.

To be frank not every body can explain such niches with great ease and if you can, you are already a competition for everybody.

Given, the rising interest towards the digital currency around the globe and the increase influence of Bitcoins , cryptocurrency can be a great niche .

Also the income generated from such blog can reach up to thousands of dollar per month by affiliate marketing .

So yes you can for surely go with it.

Tips while selecting your niche

  • Choose a niche which you are interested about.
  • You can choose a niche based on the experience you already hold.
  • You can choose a niche which you are passionate about.
  • If your moto is just to earn then choose a niche where your interest and income will go hand-in-hand.

Personally, when I started out ,it was for my friend and to be true I was super excited about it.

I was helping him in writing few articles for his blog. But barely few weeks went by and I was pretty much done with it.

It was an eye opener for me. Therefore, whether or not you are looking for a profitable niche, always opt for something which you are at least, a bit passionate about.


  • Niche is a kind of a broad topic.
  • Top 5 best niches for blogging 2020 are – How to make money online, Travel, Health and Fitness, Parenting, Investing, trading(stock markets, cryptocurrency).
  • Always choose a niche which you find at least, a bit interesting or get burned out pretty quickly.

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