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BACKLINK What is it? Importance in Search Engines- SEO PART 2.

Hey, isn’t it amazing how, a decade or two ago, no one would have ever imagined that reaching a broad audience for your business could be so much easier than ever?

It’s incredible to watch how social media and search engines have done it so quickly in no time.

Today, it’s practically unimaginable that you wouldn’t have search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube etc. To help you in solving your day-to-day issues, you’d have to rely on someone or something like books to get the answers.

But there’s no need to worry because Google, one of the most prominent search engines, is here to help you with anything we need. has mentioned in one of its posts that Google captures a staggering 92.26% market share.

It demonstrates how strong Google is and how beneficial it can be to your business.

So, how does Search Engines work?

Search engines work by crawling through your site with the help of web crawlers/bots, visiting every page of your site to index them and present them as per users need.

However, you may not always want web crawlers to crawl or index your private pages in the SERPs.

For that, you can use robots.txt and sitemap to instruct and communicate with the web crawlers.

Click here to see how you can use them to avoid such situations.

Till now, you have completed three tasks:

  • You’ve built a bridge between web crawlers and your site.
  • You have used robots.txt to allow/disallow the crawling of few pages of your site.
  • You have specified which of the pages you want to be crawled and indexed.

Now, let’s have a look at how your posts are ranked.

Ranking backlink what is
Ranking of Sites

Consider the top two sites that rank for the keyword, “top interior décor firm.”

The site in the first position is labelled “A,” whereas the site in the second position is labelled “B”.

Now, assume that visitors are spending 8 minutes on the site “A”. And the average amount of time spent on the site “B” is 2 minutes.

The Search Engine will examine both site’s reports and decide the following things.

  1. Are visitors spending more time on “A” because of its quality or because it has been is ranked first?
  2. Are visitors spending less time on “B” only because it is listed second and not because of its content?

It will continue to swap the positions of sites “A” and “B” to find reliable results.

Once it has performed all the tests, the report generated will determine the rearrangement of both the sites.

Another way that can severely affect the rank of your site is “BACKLINK“.

Yes, “BACKLINK” can have a significant impact on your site’s ranking.

BACKLINK? What is it?

Backlinks are incoming links to your site.

It means that another website has created a link on their post/posts. And when clicked by a visitor will automatically lead them to your website.

BACKLINK – Related Terms

  • Anchor Text

It is a word or a collection of words selected to hold a link given by you.

  • No-Follow Link

When you click a no-follow link, it does not directs you to another website.

  • Do-Follow Link

When you click a do-follow link, it does directs you to another website.

Sponsored link backlink what is
Sponsored Link
  • Sponsored Link

A sponsored link helps you to add a link in your post which you want the promote. For example, suppose you and another party are doing business, and the latter has asked you to advertise its link.

How does a backlink influence your ranking in the SERPs?

Let me explain this with an example.


Consider Site “A” and “B” are having an interior décor business.

A Manager who has a site “M” has redesigned his kitchen with the help of site “A”. Whereas a clerk with site “C” has renovated his kitchen with the assistance of site “B.”

The manager was so impressed with site ” A’s ” work that he added a “do-follow” link to his site and suggested it to his friend.

On the other hand, because the Clerk was so satisfied with the site “B’s” work, it added a “do-follow” link to his site and recommended it to a friend.

Here, I’ve used the titles Manager and Clerk to demonstrate the relationship of authority.

And because the Manager has a higher position than the Clerk, we can also assume that the Manager’s site “M” has a greater Domain Authority than the Clerk’s site “C.”

So what do you think about whose recommendation will be more favoured? The Manager with the highest Domain Authority or the Clerk with a lesser Domain Authority than “M”?

Yes, you are right. The Manager’s recommendation will be more favoured.

Search Engines will always favour recommendations from higher Domain Authority(DA) and use them while ranking a website.

Similarly, Search Engines will use the recommendations or backlinks to rank your website.

Another type of linking is “Internal Linking“.

Internal Linking

Internal Linking is a way to create links among the pages of your site.

You can include relevant links within a post to encourage readers to explore your site even more.

It also helps the Search Engines to travel across your site internally and discover valuable content for indexing.

Conclusion -Backlink? What is it?

Search Engines take 227 factors into account when ranking your website.

And these are some of the most important factors that Search Engines use when determining your site’s ranking.

What do you think? Is it so or not? Comment down below.

Last but not the least, there is always more to share and more to explore, so stay tuned for further updates.

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