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About Author

Swati Gure is the founder and Author of the page Blog It Big. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

She is an enthusiast and a self-made woman who wants to create something of her own and at the same time help new budding bloggers on their journey and guide them.

From the Author and Founder

Hello everyone! I am Swati founder and author of Blog It Big.

You have often tried to create your blogs and show the world your talents but couldn’t begin.

You have created various blog pages but still failed to continue as you lacked guidance.

Well, worry not we have got you.

Blog it Big is here to guide you and help you in your journey in creating your successful blog.

I know the owes of beginner blogger and the problems they face.

At the beginning of 2020, I got an offer to work on the website of a friend. I liked the experience so much that I planned to start my own but after long few months.

But here’s the thing. It’s been six months since I launched this website and yet it not have any such content in it.

It was due to my reasons, I wasn’t able to work on my website.

And after such a rocky start, my close ones asked me to give up on it. But I simply couldn’t.

About the Page

The two major questions that a blogger often comes across are:

  • Is Blogging still a thing?
  • Can you revive a blog that has become inactive for almost six months?

Answers to both these questions are Yes.

Blogs are still a thing rather they are now more important than before as the internet is reaching far and wide creating endless opportunities to both earn and grow.

And as far as the speaking of an inactive blog where there is no commendable actions or many views could shine bright if you have the motivation to carry forward and a little guidance.

Why Blog it Big?

Blog It Big turns your aims to turn your weakness to your power.

We will provide you with all the tips and guidance that is required by you to uplift your website and blogs.

Unilaterally we will also be providing you with all the contents and that would help you in your blogging journey.

Your Active participation and our help will take your website to the place where you dreamt of.

We don’t promise you a smooth and easy journey but we can promise you that we will be there to guide you to success.

So let’s get started.

Let’s Make it Big.

Swati Gure

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